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My name is Bulangalire chamunani Espoir a twenty sevenen years old boy and under graduate in English African culture department from T.T.C/Bukavu.I live in kavumu and I joined the citizen mouvement LUCHA(Struggle for Change) since 2017 when i was ignorant of human right values.

Along All my childhood age, i had a dream.but what kind of dream was it?
I had a dream of being a human rights advocate,the one who will be able to speak for oppresed people in the society.

I had a dream to become a change marker for society and to help people around me.

I had a dream to
become the voici of the voiceless people in Congo.

Having these dreams ,I’ve been looking for a scope where to give them a body because they were like something fictional inside of me.

One day I’ve met a person that I consider up today like my coach in non-violent struggle and told me about LUCHA .He told me about the tenets or principals ,values of a non violent activist.

Feeling Proud of what she told me, I decided to join the mouvement, despite many difficulties I faced.

After joining Lucha,together with my mates in general,we have been fighting non values in the Democratic Republic of congo since 2017 as our country is one of the country where human right respect and human dignity have been a great dream since it’s indépendance.

Being engaged as a non- violent activist was not something easy for me, when I joined the mouvement ,all my society and family were against my position and did not like hearing from Lucha even for half a minute.

Despite all these difficulties,i did not give up because i knew one thing i had to do was to carry on my Dreams through my activism in Lucha.

Despite all these threats i’v got from my family,i decided to go on with my struggle and i was feeling like wone of the lucky person in the World because i belong to one of the largest family in the World with lovely people.

Most of the things i’v learnt from Lucha is non-violent attitude,unity of Congo and congolese as one and solidarty.

This mouvement has changed many things in my life such as:

My way of acting and reacting in the society,

It has also enabled me to solve différent problems through différent perspectives and it also has enabled me to know what kind of attitude to take toward each kind of situation in the society.

Taking into considération the fact that our major purpuse is to make congolese citizen to become more and more demanding toward their leaders,and to the leaders being more responsible,i know that this goal is not yet attained and we still have along battle to carry,I know and believe
that the sacrifice we have to make it’s great and more important so that we may fulfill our dream which is the ‘NEW CONGO »

I love Lucha

I’m ready to strugle refering myself to Luc Nkulula’s fight and wisdom who is our héro

l’m ready to give whatever sacrifice to have Congo changed one day so that it may become a better Land for the future generations

LUCHA is my family and non-violent strugle is my passion


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