Congolese author dedicates book to Fred Bauma and Lucha

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A Congolese author dedicated his book to Fred Bauma and the citizen movement La Lucha.

[quote]I dedicate this book to Fred Bauma and his Lucha colleagues for the sacrifices they have borne. »[/quote]

Thank you for this sign of recognition, dear Felicien Maisha.

Fred, Yves, your sacrifice is not in vain. You continue to inspire and serve as models for millions of young Congolese. You can be proud of yourself! As for freedom, you will return to it soon. This is a certainty…

For the Congo, are fighting by our voices, our arms, our courses, our pens, our blood! The Congo has that we, his daughters and his sons, to recover and dignifying.

Has the Lucha!



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